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#3 LTTA – Potenza – 26·30/09/2022

The third and last face-to-face training was organised and hosted in Potenza (Italy) by the coordinator EURO-NET with the cooperation of the second Italian Partner IPSIA “Giorgi” in the period 26-30 September 2022. This 3rd training was an activity only for the staff of the partners’ organisations dedicated to very the final state of the […]

#2 LTTA – Braila – 26·30/05/2022

The second face-to-face training envisaged in the LearnEU project took place in Braila, Romania,in the period  26-30 May 2022. The students participating in the LTTA tested the  latest games created in the project, also working in groups and subgroups and recording the need for corrections or modifications that they considered, in their opinion, suitable to […]

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